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A selection of three videos


Teatro Triennale dell’Arte | 7.11.2015

featured dancers Sarah Lisette Chiesa, Serena Marossi, Francesco Praino, Francesca Sproccati


Museo MAMbo Bologna | 5.10.2013

featured dancers Sara Catellani, Serena Marossi, Francesca Sproccati and more


GAMeC Bergamo | 30.3.2014

featured both professional and amatorial dancers, Dimitra Anastasiadou, Micaela Arcidiacono, Stefania Bertola, Silena Bertolino, Valeria Bonfanti, Sara Bonsorte, Bruno Bovelacci, Erica Brindisi, Luca Citron, Nicoletta Ferri, Betarice Libertino, Valeria Mascheretti, Stella Peccianti, Gloria Piantoni, Silvia Polinoro, Camilla Rossetto, Chiara Servalli, Anna Tucci, Marina Zanga, Sylvie Zenoni.


Choreographic concept Franca Ferrari

Inspired by Calvino’s American Lessons as being contemporary art lessons of this millenium. A special glance to “ Consistency” a planned lesson never written. A quality which the more it strikes the more it causes e-motion, the most vital and human.

Photo Courtesy © Valeria Palermo


The bodies metamorphose like water flowing downstairs. Conceived as a bodily installation, is has no beginning and no end, it belongs to the site for half a day. On entering the room the public finds an animated space and looks at it for the time it takes to receive an emotion. The bodies have developed a perceptive sensibility to be able to adapt instantly to the difficulties of the itinerary, no sequence of movement is planned.

Photo video-frame Courtesy © Mauro Valle


Concept Franca Ferrari e Serena Marossi.

Azione performativa per la mostra di Andrea Mastrovito “Alla fine della linea”. Risultato di due giorni di workshop.

Photo video-frame © Courtesy Beatrice Libertino

The dancers of Progetto D.Arte

The dancers who created Progetto D.Arte with Franca Ferrari have undergone an important evolutionary process which has also given a new impulse to their personal professional itineraries. Paolo Amerio dances for the Nanine Linning Dance Company /Theater Heidelberg (Germany), Marina Burdinskaya collaborates with EDA Emerging Dance Artists, Sara Catellani with Collettivo Pirate Jenny, Serena Marossi with ABC Allegra Brigata Cinematica, Francesca Sproccati in Switzerland with Motoperpetuo, in a varied and interesting personal itinerary, Davide Valrosso works both with Virgilio Sieni and as an independent coreographer.
Other dancers perform with this Company: Francesco Praino, Ulisse Romanò and, a new entry in November 2015, Sarah Lisette Chiesa.